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After Dinner Speaker


The Client

International Motivational Speaker

XXI Club
Founded in 1932 to Promote Sporting Excellence

Their Challenge

The club wanted an after-dinner speaker for its annual dinner to entertain and inspire its members following the announcement of the 21 high-achieving sports people and 21 people selected for service to sport.

My Solution

Having attended dozens of annual dinners, either as an after-dinner speaker or audience member, I have the experience to choose the right shade of dark humour. When I give after-dinner speeches, I promise to:

Provide an entertaining behind the scenes tour of a 20-year career in elite sport
Share funny stories, insightful anecdotes and life lessons
• maintain audience engagement from start to finish.
complement the theme of the event
cater for the demographic make-up of the audience

The Results

The 2017 University of Manchester XXI Club held its 85th Annual Dinner at the iconic Manchester Hall.

“A fabulous after dinner speaker! Funny, inspiring and very professional from start to finish, engaging the whole audience with his personal stories and perspectives on life. I can highly recommend this speaker.”

Rowena Birch, Chair of Performance Sport Panel, University of Manchester