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Resilience Speaker


Darren Harris is a resilience speaker who has withstood difficult life events, bounce back from them and emerge even stronger than before.

Resilience matters because dealing with adversity is an inevitable part of life. At some point, everyone experiences hardship in varying degrees. Some of these setbacks might be considered minor (not getting the grades at school or a promotion at work), or major (divorce or bereavement). But either way, having resilience will better enable you to:

  • make sense of the past
  • cope with daily hazzles
  • increase resourcefulness for future challenges

What attendees learn

  • In Turning Losses into Wins, attendees learn to:
  • Build a buffer by seeking support from friends and family
  • Practise mindfulness to elicit the relaxation response
  • Reframe the situation to see the positives rather than the negatives
  • Reduce loss aversion to improve emotional stability

When Clients Enquire

While there isn’t a preferred mental health week, stress awareness month

What Clients Say

“His presentation was truly inspirational and it was definitely a highlight of the day. He proves the only person limiting you is you and his persistence and passion for helping people is exquisite.”
Daria Dobrzyniecka, Graduate Recruiter @ HSBC