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Motivational Speaker for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Need inspiration, insight and energy for your whole school or specific year group?

As a member of the Professional Speaking Association, I’ve spoken to over ¼ million delegates across the world in the last 10 years.


Ignite the Flame Within

Leave your students and teachers with a touch of inspiration, which is one of the Paralympic values. This presentation sparks the audience to pursue something different or better in their academic and personal life.

“He has a really engaging energy and has some brilliant and inspiring stories to tell.”
Charlton School

Diversity of Thought

Get students and teachers thinking differently, which is as important as ever in an educational establishment. This presentation includes live audience interaction, real-life anecdotes, industry-relevant case studies, compelling research, and engaging graphics.

He linked his own experiences with tried and tested methods of self-improvement.”
Nottingham College

Points of Transition

Make transitions as seamless as possible between year groups, key stages, schools, colleges, universities and beyond. I know how it feels to go from a mainstream, mixed school into an all-boys, boarding, grammar school. I also followed the traditional route of joining a graduate training programme, and then took the less conventional decision, of giving it up to follow my dream and set up a business.

“Darren made such an incredible impact that we invited him back a second time within the month.”
Anglia Ruskin University

Overcoming Adversity Speaker