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Overcoming adversity expert, Unblind Your Mind® founder, and England blind footballer,
Darren Harris gives your audience the mental skills to tackle obstacles like a pro!
Overcoming Adversity Speaker

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Overcoming Adversity Speaker

Uncovering your Blind Spots

A psychological blind spot is a trait, attitude or behaviour that you’re unaware of that limits your personal effectiveness by influencing how you act, react, and interact.
Blind spots can lead to:

making bad decisions
solving the wrong problems
relying on faulty memories,
increased anxiety and depression,
ineffective relationships.

Losing my Sight

Your eyes are useless unless you use what’s between your ears became my mantra. It resulted from the realisation that, whilst I couldn’t restore my sight, I could unblind my mind.
This transformation enabled me to become a:

Dual Paralympian – I competed at two Games in two different sports,
Lived experience expert – I have personal stories of overcoming adversity,
Psychologist – I’ve studied the psychology of disability.

Do you take the lead on equity, diversity and inclusion, performance improvement, or talent acquisition?

Since 2013, I’ve worked as a conference and event speaker, one-to-one personal coach, and blind football masterclass facilitator, with over ¼ million delegates worldwide.

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Overcoming Adversity Speaker
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Overcoming Adversity Speaker