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Teambuilding Workshop


When you want a unique team building experience for employees that rely on a high degree of trust, deploy remote working, or use non-visual communication, book Darren Harris to deliver your corporate away day.

Navigating Invisible Obstacles

I don’t deliver my blind football live masterclass because I’m looking for the next blind Pele or seeking to frighten people within an inch of their life. But because it’s the quickest and simplest way to get my clients to experience life literally and metaphorically in the dark. There are external obstacles – some moving like the other players and some stationary like a metal goalpost. But there are also internal obstacles that can leave you feeling lost, stuck and indecisive.

Never Losing Sight of the Goal

Team members get to understand how their individual tasks fit within the group. They have to give instructions from another’s perspective as well as decide between paying attention to the ball or the voices around them.

A Level Playing Field

You don’t have to know how to play (or even like!) football to have a really positive experience. When you put on your blindfold, People tell us they leave with a positively different outlook on life.

What clients say