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Enrichment Activity for Primary Secondary and Independent Schools

Need a safe, inclusive, and fun enrichment activity for your whole school or specific year group?

As a world class athlete, I worked with Sports for Schools for 7 years giving over 30,000 primary school pupils inspirational assemblies on how sport improved physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Level The Playing Field

You don’t have to be good at (or even like) football to have fun playing the game with a blindfold. The children who actively listen and follow instructions can do better than those playing academy football.

“Darren inspired us all with his personal story of perseverance through adversity and fantastic advice for our pupils.”
Blue Coat Independent School

Experiential Learning Cycle

Pupils go from “wow!” to “aha!”. First, they see me in action then, they experience blind football firsthand themselves, reflect on how it makes them feel, think what they can do to play better, and act on which hypothesis they want to put to the test.

“The penny dropped when the children took off their blindfold and realised Darren didn’t have that luxury.”
Bellfield Junior School

Live Instead of List Your Values

Football is not just a game; it’s a metaphor for life. You can use it to teach practical lessons and any of your school values.

“Darren provided a unique and exciting experience for all our pupils.”
Corpus Christi Primary Academy