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Teacher CPD


Teacher CPD for Schools and Academy Trusts

Need a Positive, educational & entertaining CPD for your inset day or senior leadership team?

As a school governor, I work on the strategic aspect of raising aspirations and standards.

Improve Academic Performance

Understand the research studies that show physical activity produces bigger, faster, better brains.

“Darren took the time to speak to staff after his inspiring talk to make our INSET day a brilliant start to term.”
Shared Learning Trust

Reduce Disruptive Behaviour

Get case studies of behaviour change intervention so you can design and deliver your own.

“The teachers came away with lots of great ideas to implement keeping pupils active in their day-to-day lessons.”
Parkgate Junior School

Prevent Exclusion

Discover how to used lived experience to bridge the gap between authority and empathy.

“Making our headteachers more conscious of how they communicate was an added benefit we didn’t expect.”
Embark Federation

Overcoming Adversity Speaker